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EMPOWERING YOU FOR SUCCESS in the ever evolving real estate landscape

Cutting-Edge Tools And Unwavering Support

Empowering agents with the very best has always been our focus at Cityscape, ensuring they have every advantage to thrive and achieve remarkable success every step of the way.

Our Tools, Your Success

Our brokerage takes pride in offering an extensive range of tools and support that cater to every aspect of our agents’ marketing and business needs. With a focus on lead generation and management, we provide a comprehensive suite of resources, all incorporated into our propriety Digital Office Of Realtors (DOOR) and accessible in one place through a single sign-on.

Access to timely market reports and insights helps our agents stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

We assist in crafting engaging write-ups with popular market keywords to enhance listing visibility across all online platforms.

Customized web pages and landing pages empower agents to attract and capture potential leads for conversion.

Agents can leverage Cityscape’s own social media accounts to extend their reach and engage with clients.

Creation of eye-catching posters and promotional messages for drip campaigns and online marketing.

We offer tools for automatic social media marketing to save time and maximize efficiency by posting listings consistently.

Our advanced CRM system helps our agents organize, track, and nurture leads effectively on-the-go.

Agents benefit from powerful data visualization tools for informed decision-making.

Streamlined financial transaction tracking and management tools ensure smooth operations.

Complete access to MS Office tools for seamless email, calendar, and appointment management.

Our agents have access to additional resources through Breakthrough Broker further enhancing their capabilities.

Our agents have full access to the features offered by KVCore, for additional support and resources.

kvCORE Platform Subscription

Experience unrestricted access to KvCORE, the real estate industry's state-of-the-art CRM solution.

Personalized Marketing Library

Tap into the power of effective, hassle-free marketing with our all-in-one easy-to-use toolkit.

Showing Management System

Step into a new era of efficiency and client satisfaction with BrokerBay by your side.

Microsoft Office Tools Suite

Elevate your communication game with free Microsoft Office tools: email, calendar and appointment management.

Transaction Management System

Leave manual paperwork behind and embrace the future of real estate transactions.

Take the first step to building your own Brand

kvCORE Plus

Discover the full capabilities of kvCORE, a cutting-edge customer relationship management system for the real estate industry. This robust tool offers our agents personalized IDX websites, AI-driven Smart CRM, and automated lead generation and marketing features, all designed to enhance their real estate experience. Agents can make the most of its automated behavioral tools and benefit from valuable insights through business intelligence and analytics. With kvCORE’s help, generating numerous leads each month becomes achievable, empowering our agents to succeed.

Personalized Marketing Library

Explore our user-friendly automated marketing library – your ultimate resource for elevating your personal brand visibility and, consequently, achieving higher property sales. From designing eye-catching marketing materials to effortlessly sharing them across various social media platforms, our agents seamlessly manage each step of the process. This comprehensive toolkit not only streamlines their marketing efforts but also empowers them to establish a strong personal brand presence, ultimately driving exceptional success in lead generation and conversion.


Discover the ultimate edge with BrokerBay, the advanced and intuitive brokerage software ecosystem tailor-made for agents like you. Seamlessly connecting front-desks, agents, and clients, BrokerBay transforms the real estate journey of our agents from the first showing to offer registration. As a complete showing management powerhouse, it syncs seamlessly across all platforms, minimizing administrative tasks and enabling our agents to focus on what truly matters – closing more deals and wowing clients.

Microsoft Office Suite

Our agents benefit from complimentary usage of the Microsoft Office suite, encompassing essential tools such as email, calendar, and appointment management. This seamless integration empowers agents to establish secure and efficient connections with clients and industry peers, enabling them to manage their schedules effortlessly and ensure timely interactions. Equipped with the suite of these tools, agents can optimize their communication and time management strategies, ultimately enhancing their productivity and client relationships.

Transaction Management System

Experience the seamless convenience of our online digital transaction management system, providing agents with everything they require for streamlined transactions. From the instant a listing lands on the MLS to the finalization of the deal and the client’s move-in day, our platform ensures a simplified and efficient process. Say goodbye to manual paperwork!

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