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We empower our agents with a cutting-edge suite of advanced technology tools that redefine the boundaries of real estate excellence. Our data-driven approach, coupled with the transformative power of AI and virtual reality, enables our agents to navigate the industry with unparalleled precision and insight.

We embrace Technology as a catalyst for growth

Leveraging technology to elevate agents' expertise and professionalism in the industry


Digital Office Of Realtors (DOOR)

Control all your real estate operations remotely.


Virtual Campus

Experience real estate education through immersive VR technology.


AI Chat Assistant

Automate your interactions and gain valuable market trends and insight.

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Expert Officier

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Store Manager

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Personal Assistant

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Become an industry-leading
real estate professional

Digital Office Of Realtors (DOOR)

DOOR is the ultimate all-in-one solution, empowering agents to excel in the digital era, saving time and money while achieving unrivaled success. It is our game-changing cloud-based proprietary platform that empowers real estate agents to elevate their productivity and efficiency, streamlining their entire business and ecosystem. With a single click, agents gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools, spanning Marketing, Productivity, Communication and Training.

In the Marketing section, DOOR boasts an AI-powered Smart CRM, revolutionizing lead management and marketing on social media for maximum effectiveness. Personal landing pages for lead capture can be created and modified in this section as well. The Productivity section offers showing and transaction management and MLS boards, simplifying daily tasks, showings, and offers. Through the Training library, agents can access essential training materials, from agent handbooks to online webinars and tutorials. Seamless communication is facilitated in the Communication section, enabling interaction with fellow agents and brokerage admins, while also accessing work emails.

Virtual Campus

Introducing Virtual Campus, a groundbreaking innovation that brings the realm of real estate meta verse to life through immersive VR technology. Each agent is equipped with a virtual customizable avatar to navigate this virtual campus, where endless possibilities await. Agents are able to Interact with other agent avatars, attend online webinars, and seek valuable information – all through their avatar look alike in the virtual world.

AI Chat Assistant

Discover the future of real estate with our cutting-edge AI Chat Assistant, exclusively tailored for real estate agents. Powered by advanced GPT4 technology, our chatbot transforms the way you interact with clients and access market insights. Experience seamless conversations, gain in-depth market trends, and effortlessly match prospective buyers with their dream properties. Elevate your real estate game with our AI-powered concierge at your fingertips.

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