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Get a glimpse of what it is like working at CRB

Love where you work

At Cityscape Technology we are driven by a human-first approach and put people at the center of everything we do. We are a team of innovators, visionaries, and problem solvers who believe in the transformative power of technology. 

Our Values

Our core values are the foundation of our success, inspiring us to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and create new possibilities

A commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all business dealings

Confidence leads to the best results. Our culture enables people to express their opinions freely and avoid passiveness. All professional inputs are valued for successfully achieving company goals

A commitment to delivering high-quality products, services, and customer experiences
A commitment to creativity, experimentation, and pushing boundaries to drive progress and growth

A commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of customers in all aspects of the business

A commitment to creating a workplace that is welcoming and supportive of people from all backgrounds and perspectives

Our People

Our team of dedicated professionals is the driving force behind our success. Hear directly from our employees about their experiences working with us.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

Will, Business Intelligence Analyst

“Same as life technology is continuously evolving or changing.”

Meta, Senior Manager Proptech Research

“Let's make AI accessible to everyone so that we can revolutionize our lives, work, and education.”

Dr Hassan, Data Science Manager, Generative AI

“Good engineering is about creating solutions that make people’s lives better.”

Waleed, Engineering Team Lead

“Design is about crafting an empathetic experience that engages and delights the user through strong visuals and attention to detail.”

Madeeha, Senior Product Designer

“Pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Unreal Engine is not just innovation, it's reshaping the future of proptech.”

Abdullah, Junior Unreal Developer in XR

“Juggling teams and following up is an art; effective program management requires precision and a delicate balance of communication and collaboration.”

Naila, Programme Manager

“Empowering people and organizations through effective HR practices and continuous learning is my ambition.”

Clive, Associate Manager People Operations

Life at CRB

Join Cityscape and discover a life filled with Passion,
Purpose, and Personal development

Travelling is not just about discovering new places, it’s about exploring new perspectives, learning from different cultures, and growing as a person.”

Foodies at CTC don’t just eat to live, they live to eat and discover the magic of flavors and cuisines from different parts of the world.”

Sports is something that our team members are extremely passionate about. Their interest spans all the way from team sports such a cricket to individual ones like kickboxing.”

“CTC offers a variety of different fun and team building activities to help employees stay motivated, active, and energized.”

“We believe in diversity and inclusion at CTC, because we know that everyone has something unique to contribute.”